Prosolution Plus Review 2022

Overview of ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus is a male enhancement pill used to cure early ejaculation in men. The company that makes it is Leading Edge Health, LLC.

It is important to note that it differs from ProSolution Pills.

Yes, they may have the same logo and practically identical product boxes, but their formulas and ingredients are different, and they are designed to treat various sexual complaints in men.

Premature ejaculation can be irritating and embarrassing, as those who have experienced it know. Premature ejaculation affects at least 1 in 3 males, according to clinical study, and is brought on by a variety of psychological and physiological causes.

Premature ejaculation is a condition that has a number of solutions, just like other sexual issues. However, ProSolution Plus’s approach to treatment is entirely all-natural. Additionally, it is efficient in enhancing libido, erection power, and general penile health, according to clinical investigations.

Due to its exceptional advantages, ProSolution Plus uk has garnered widespread patronage. It has established itself as one of the top male enhancement products available anywhere.

ProSolution Plus’s Works

ProSolution Plus improves both your sexual health and vigor. It also addresses concerns that most men have, like the strength of their erections and early ejaculation.

It has minerals, herbs, and vitamins that strengthen your body. Additionally, these ingredients

  • Generates an erection of higher caliber
  • Enhances orgasm
  • Aids in giving you more control over orgasm
  • Enhances your attraction to your mate
  • Decreases tension and performance anxiety

It deals with the psychological and physiological aspects of men’s performance and sex desire. Clinical research has shown it to:

Helping you unwind Mucuna pruriens, a herb that raises dopamine levels in the blood, is an ingredient in ProSolution Plus. Dopamine has a calming effect on the body and promotes pleasure-related emotions.

Nitric oxide generation is increased thanks to ProSolution Plus, which was created to encourage it. Nitric oxide has a vasodilating effect, which means it expands blood vessels in the penis, improving blood flow to and retention in the corpora cavernosum and producing stronger, longer erections.

prosolution plus

The ProSolution Plus formula has been found in clinical research to improve erection quality by over 67%, maintaining erectile function.

improves the health of your sex life: It is made entirely of natural ingredients that have been supplying essential nutrients to the male reproductive system for generations. These nutrients improve and renew sexual prowess.

Promotes ejaculation control: ProSolution Plus extends your time in bed, and with enough experience, you may release at your preferred timing. If you want complete control over your ejaculation, look no further.

ProSolution Plus raises your potassium levels as well as your levels of thiamine, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, and C, which makes it simpler to achieve orgasm. All of these nutrients contribute to a better, more enjoyable orgasm.

Clinical Research

There is a great deal of excitement.

Male readers will be interested in the results and news of a 2011 study that was published in The American Journal of Therapeutics. The natural remedy that helps alleviate certain, and frequently disturbing, issues was put to the test by the researchers.

Premature ejaculation was the primary complaint of research participants. The individuals were split into two groups; the ProSolution Plus formula group experienced a 64% improvement in premature ejaculation index, whereas the placebo group experienced a 25% improvement.

Two months were spent on the triple-blind trial, which involved 148 men. The participants ranged in age from 21 to 60 and were all in good health. They all had low libidos, light to moderate erectile dysfunction, and early ejaculation.

Here is what they encountered:

The following areas saw improvements for the participants:

  • A 78 percent increase in total sexual satisfaction; – A 64% decrease in premature ejaculation
  • A 67% improvement in erectile quality and a 48% improvement in overall sexual performance.

The research, which was published in a 2011 issue of The American Journal of Therapeutics, supported the researchers’ hypotheses about the ProSolution Plus formulation.

ProSolution Plus helps men with certain sexual problems, such as early ejaculation, erection problems, or low libido, which many men have and would like to improve.

You have access to the finest traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with ProSolution Plus. The best vitamins, minerals, and herbals that light the fire in the bedroom have been studied and thoroughly researched for more than 4,000 years.

Consider it a natural virility booster to liven up your romantic life.

When you select ProSolution Plus, you stand to gain a lot. As listed below, it includes a ton of fascinating features.

It addresses the main sexual problems that men have, including those relating to erection, premature ejaculation, libido, stamina, sexual performance, and more.

  • Leading medical professionals including Dr. Dave David, M.D. & Surgeon, have supported this product.
  • ProSolution Plus can boost erectile performance by 67%, sexual satisfaction by 78%, total sexual function by 48%, and early ejaculation by 64%, according to clinical trials and testing.
  • The company provides free shipping on a limited number of orders.
    67 days of risk-free money back guarantee; round-the-clock, specialized support.


Seven distinct ingredients are used to create ProSolution Plus. Only ProSolution Plus uses four of these ingredients; other male enhancement pill producers also utilize the other three.

Each pill also includes other ingredients that act as fillers, coating agents, and binders in addition to the seven main ingredients.

Striated Tribulus

It is a well-known traditional Chinese herb that is mostly utilized for aphrodisiac purposes. According to a 2013 study that was published in the Korean Journal of Urology, Tribulus Terrestris causes the corpora cavernosa to relax and considerably raises the pressure inside the cavernosum. Tribulus terrestris contains the active substances diosgenin, dioscin, and protodioscin. In addition to curing erectile dysfunction and raising sperm count, it boosts libido and endurance.

Forsythia somnifera

This ingredient increases the synthesis of nitric oxide, according to a 2003 study that was published in the journal Life Sciences. Nitric oxide improves the quality and strength of erections by relaxing the corpora cavernosa and increasing blood flow to the penis. Ashwagandha is another name for withania somnifera.

It is a common ayurvedic ingredient believed to lengthen life and boost vitality. Withania somnifera also contains immune-modulating, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, according to studies. It boosts libido and libido, strengthens muscle mass, and fortifies the body.

Adscendens Asparagus

The scientific name for asparagus ascendents is Safid Musali. It works wonders to treat a variety of sexual issues. It increases libido and enhances sexual performance. Additionally, it has strong aphrodisiac effects.

Asparagus Adscendens has an inhibitory effect on proinflammatory cytokines, according to a 2010 study that was published in the journal Phytotherapy Research, and so offers natural relief for inflammatory and stress-related diseases.

It increases your strength so you can stay under the covers for longer periods of time. In addition to its aphrodisiac properties, phytotherapy research aids in the treatment of inflammation and joint discomfort. Additionally, it prevents the development of cancer, parasite diseases, urinary tract infections, and acne.

Cajuput pruriens

The velvet bean is also known as Mucuna pruriens. It is an African-born tropical legume. But it’s also grown in Florida, the Bahamas, and India.

Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, parasitic infections, and anxiety are the main conditions that Mucuna pruriens is used to treat.

It is a top-notch L-Dopa source. A precursor to L-dopamine is L-dopa. Laboratory tests have demonstrated that it can improve sexual activity and increase erection frequency.

Longifoliated aster

There is a well-known Ayurvedic aphrodisiac called Asteracantha Longifolia. It prevents premature ejaculation and safeguards the liver.

According to a 2011 study in the journal Natural Product Research, this herb heightens sexual desire to female partners. Additionally, it significantly raises the number of sperm.

Orchioides Curcigo

Another name for Curculigo Orchioides is Golden Eye-grass. It is an effective aphrodisiac. It promotes energy and works to enhance testosterone.

According to a 2007 Fitoterapia study, Curculigo Orchiodes boosts sexual frequency, enhances erection quality, and increases sexual performance.


Shilajit is another name for asphaltum. It is a mineral wax with strong therapeutic qualities. Premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunctions are treated with it in Ayurvedic medicine. It contains a lot of antioxidants and may encourage immune system cells to generate cytokines.